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NON-stop 200 km &+/-18.000m

Mt. Blanc Summit Race
1-7th August 2022
Chamonix, France
Are you ready for the mountain challenge of your life?
Race to the summit and back of the highest point — for those of you who until now haven't been able to get enough!
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6 ITRA Point Route

Authentic alpine course, technically demanding and requiring excellent mountain skills. Each step you take is a unique exploration of some of the most challenging and stunning mountain terrains in France and Italy. The single loop course featuring a plethora of single track trails and remote gletchers.
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+/- 4.000m of altitude - mostly between 2500 and 3000m above sea level.
Along the way there will be checkpoints and 2 sleeping stations where you can refill and rest before continuing along the demanding route.

Endurance Run

No qualification or ITRA points required to enter the race. Mt. Blanc Summit Race event is considered an "Endurance Run" and as such it is not considered a competitive event but rather a life accomplishment. We will record finish times and award top finishers but the accomplishment of the participants in running it is in the experience of it, not how fast you can finish it. Therefore, the spirit of the event is captured in the journey, rather than in each participant's end result. For the most detailed information, please see our SummitRacers manuals in the Download area.

Course Markings

We pride ourselves in choosing our race courses extremely well. Part of the course is marked trails and arrow signs, others consist mostly of unmarked trails along the route. Although there are marked trails in some areas, Summit Racers will encounter sections with little to no markings due to natural causes, glacier traverses, tampering, or differences in course marking styles. Participants will need to know how to navigate and read a map for obvious and safety reasons. Please note that on the Mt. Blanc SummitRace course: There are very exposed sections, dangerous cliffs, gletcher traverses, crevasses, mud and rock fall, snakes, wildlife, and other hazards throughout the route. Participants should have ultra altitude/distance experience, be incredibly well cold trained as well as physical and technical in top conditions. Please consider all these factors before registering for this event.

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Volunteers also get a good dose of adventure!

We would love to have your help - especially in the racedays!  Email us at and please include: